Social entrepreneurship for young generation

European project partners meeting

Youth entrepreneurship is at the top of the political agenda because it is considered a tool to combat unemployment and social exclusion, as well as to stimulate innovation among young people. European Youth Strategy (2019-2027) identified three intervention areas: engage, connect and empower, which emphasizes the need to provide young people and youth workers the right skills, in order to better adapt to the changes.

In line with that, we started to develop a multi-action program for youth workers, who will acquire the skills necessary to enable young people to translate their business ideas into practice.

On Monday, 16th of August, we met at Istanbul and with our partners from Fundacja Instytut Badan Iinnowacjiw Edukacji INBIE, Poland and Governorship of Istanbul, Turkey and agreed on the macrostructure of the educational toolkit for entrepreneurship education. Together with Co-Labory, our partner from Italy, we contribute to promotion of business start-ups, youth entrepreneurship, technological innovation and new forms of business activity.

The toolkit will provide youth workers with basic knowledge and practical tools to be used in working with young people, with a particular focus on social entrepreneurship.

The next stage is dedicated to transferring the courses in online learning environment for further piloting. Thus, young people will learn how to develop and validate an entrepreneurial idea as well as to use the right tools to put it into practice.

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Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Date: 16 August 2021

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