Discovering the European Union, April 2024, Romania


In a recent workshop led by our international volunteers, Constanța’s students embarked on a journey to explore the European Union (EU) and gain insights into its origins, institutions, and membership benefits.

The workshop began with an insightful exploration of the EU’s origins and fundamental principles. Participants were guided through the historical context that led to the formation of the EU, highlighting its evolution from a post-war vision of peace and prosperity to a formidable union of nations committed to shared values and objectives.

Students gained insights into the EU decision-making process and the role of different EU institutions like the European Commission and Parliament. Discussions also highlighted the economic, political, and social advantages of EU membership, showcasing the union’s role in fostering prosperity and solidarity.

Picture the excitement in the room as students dove into a workshop focused on uncovering fun facts and information about the European Union, including Romania’s membership. They enjoyed discovering new things and collaborating in teams to solve challenging questions. It was like a lively puzzle-solving game! Then, they unleashed their creativity, crafting their very own EU IDs using markers and paper, presenting each masterpiece to the class. Each ID was a unique representation of what they had learned, a tangible reminder of their enriching journey through the complexities and wonders of the European Union.

In conclusion, the workshop provided an engaging and informative experience, empowering participants to deepen their understanding of the EU while fostering teamwork and creativity.


Location: Constanța

Date: 12th April 2024

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