Dare to Create APV

Dare to Create is an youth exchange involving 40 participants and 8 leaders from Portugal, Croatia, Norway, Greece, Romania, Italy and Spain.

The  project promotes a critical reflection on gender equality issues and empowers young people to adopt a more egalitarian attitudes and practices toward another gender. The challenge of the project is to use culture, tradition and various expressive forms of arts as a resource to work with the young participants (such us, handcrafts, dance, music, theater, among others).

Alexandru participated in the planning visit as a group leader with 7 more group leaders, and he will later accompany the participants in Barcelos, Portugal.

Read more about Alexandru’s experience:

“My name is Alexandru Ivanciu and from 12 to 15 October I participated in the Dare to Create APV. The project aims to bring together 40 young people from Portugal, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Romania, Greece and Norway. They will learn about gender equality, diversity, culture, traditions, various artistic activities. With more details I will be back soon so stay tuned and follow the website, the Facebook page TrainingClub.eu and the Facebook group TrainingClub.eu Community.”

Location: Barcelos, Portugal

Date: 12.10-15.10.2021

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