Workshop "Discover your inner artist"

On 2 December the workshop “Discover your inner artist” took place, in which 13 guests participated.  We discussed creativity/creative thinking and how it benefits us on a daily basis.
First, we introduced ourselves through an energizer,  then we found answers to some questions together:

  • What words come to your mind when you hear creativity?
  • Where do you use creative thinking every day?
  • How do you feel when you create something?

After the discussion, which later included other branches such as imagination and art in general, we proposed an activity to feed our creative thinking, where we painted our dreams and intentions for the year 2022 on a piece of clothing.

Workshop was organized in partnership with Open Doors and we had special guests from the “Antonio” placement centre Constanta. It was a perfect combination of diffrent cultures and lifetsyles. It seems to have succeeded in making us inclusive, where all borders have disappeared.

In conclusion, by developing our ability to think creatively, we can greatly improve our lives. Just imagine that we are attentive and aware of every detail and put our imagination in motion by creating: our individual outfits, workplace, social-media profile, schedule of the day, interior design, plan of the next year or whatever in the most efficient and creative way. We believe life can become much simpler, more beautiful and we can become more present through art.

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