Children's Rights Workshop

We were very happy to go to Ovidiu School to deliver again our workshop on Children’s Rights for 5th grade pupils. Our goal was to raise their awareness about the different rights protected by the Convention on Children’s Rights and the reality of their enjoyment by children. The activity showed that there are inequalities depending on children’s situations (nationality, gender, disability, place of living…)

For the activity, students were in groups, each group having a character card with a child with a different situation. Facilitators announced everyday life statements. If groups thought it was true for their character, they had to put a post-it on a flipchart sheet.

The students were highly involved in the activity, taking the time to assess each statement. We had a nice discussion after the game about inequalities, the importance to be aware of them and to speak up. We were positively surprised by the knowledge the students already had and their ability to reflect on the activity. They seemed very aware of the privileges some children can enjoy and of the difficulties some others can face.

Location: Ovidiu, Romania 

Date: 17th of June 2021


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