Call for volunteers: Together we can do better - SOPRO - Solidarity and Promotion - Barcelos, Portugal

together we can do better

Name: Together, we can do better​

Topics: The “Together, we can do better” is a project that aims to provide opportunities for young
people with fewer opportunities in order to promote diversity, taking into account the
characteristics of each partner. It is a Volunteering Project, which aims to challenge and strengthen
the local community

Organization: SOPRO – Solidarity and Promotion

Duration: 12 months

Location: Barcelos, Portugal

Deadline: As soon as possible

📌Profile of the participants: 18-30 y.o.
The profile of the volunteer intended is someone with training in plastic arts, arts, crafts, sport and environmental activities. Someone to innovate in the daily activities of the Day Centre working with elderly, with youth with fewer opportunities and work SOPRO Garden. Priority will be given to volunteers with full COVID-19 vaccination. 

📌 Organization of intercultural activities, workshops, exhibitions, lectures, creative spaces, painting, language club;

📌 Reflection activities on the themes of the European Union; 

📌 Work on the importance of interacting on an equal basis, on valuing differences and stimulating intercultural dialogue; • Supporting the daily tasks; 

📌 Organize activities that promote European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+


✅ Travel support according to the travel band distance

✅Accommodation, Activities, Internet, Food and Pocket money 100% covered

🏡Place: Barcelos, Portugal

🗓Duration: 12 months of volunteering


What is this project about?

📌The volunteers will perform their activities with Elderly Day Center or at the Environmental

Education Center. The goal is to organize activities, support in the daily tasks, sports,

handcrafts. Organize thematic days such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Women’s

Day among others, with the aim of improving behaviours.

📌 Other: support the activities of SOPRO, fundraising initiatives (helping to seek and

compete for international applications), support on international exchange mobilities,

attend meetings of international volunteers destined for Mozambique and help to

establish international partnerships.

📌 Ideas own/projects and suggestions for supporting the organization of sports activities,

cultural events, exhibitions traditions of their country.


❌Deadline: As soon as possible!



✅monthly food allowance guaranteed

✅pocket money

✅Portuguese language courses

✅Best portuguese experiences you could ever have!


❗More information and how to apply:

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