Bullying Awareness Through Non-Formal Education

We were very happy to be invited to deliver a workshop at Agigea’s school again. Our first experience with the students was very good, so we were looking forward to meeting them again. It was however more intense this time, as we had to deliver the same workshop to six classes in a row.

Our goal was to raise awareness about bullying by showing that it can take different forms. We hope that students will be able to more easily recognize such situations in the future and contribute to stopping bullying.

There were disagreements on which category to put some situations in. This showed that bullying does not limit itself to specific boundaries and that it can be interpreted differently by people.

We were pleased to see that students were engaged in the activity and came up with different other examples, showing that they were already somewhat aware of the phenomenon. Our intervention was useful to help clear the differences between bullying and violence at school and between the different bullying categories.

Location: Agigea

Date: 16th of June 2021

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