Blue Generation Workshop, November 2023, Romania

On 10th of November, a workshop was conducted under the Blue Generation project, organized by the Team4Excellence association at the Liceul Technologic “Lazar Edeleanu” for their students.

During the workshop, attendees engaged in an interesting and interactive workshop session. They delved into the various aspects of the blue economy through informative presentation, engaging activities, and the Career Guide which helped them better understand careers in blue economy. The activity served as a practical platform for participants to explore career paths and discover future opportunities.

The workshop also introduced the Blue Generation Career Platform, providing a valuable resource for participants to explore job opportunities, understand sector-specific requirements, and apply for positions across Europe. The facilitator guided participants through the platform, addressing inquiries about the project and offering insights into pursuing careers in blue economy.

The positive feedback from the participants reflected their appreciation for the workshop’s outcomes and its contribution to fostering awareness and opportunities in the Blue Generation project.


Location: Navodari, Romania

Date: 10th of November 2023

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