Blue Skills The Next Wave of Learning, June 2023, Romania

On 21 June, Nicoleta Acomi from TEAM4Excellence participated in the event Blue Skills – The Next Wave of Learning at the Continental Forum Hotel in Constanta. The event was organised by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the NGO Mare Nostrum, Romanian Black Sea National Hub, for the Common Maritime Agenda.

This event aimed to bring together representatives of local and regional authorities, academia, research institutions, students and entrepreneurs to improve the attractiveness and awareness of career opportunities in the blue economy by presenting the main sectors. It also aimed to align expectations and perspectives on blue skills between students, the formal education system and employers.
The activities offered stakeholders the opportunity to share their experience, exchange views and best practices and provide their concrete input with a regional perspective and national perspective. With this occasion, Nicoleta Acomi promoted the Blue Generation initiative for attracting youngsters in the field of Blue Economy. With this occasion, Nicoleta Acomi presented the Blue Generation initiative of organizing mentoring sessions and visiting schools to attract youngsters to pursue a career in the field of Blue Economy.

Discussions were organised around the following topics: blue tourism, research and innovation, fisheries and blue skills in higher education. At the end, participants worked in groups in a World Cafe workshop to identify the needs of the higher education system to develop blue skills, the needs of employers towards their employees and solutions to bridge the needs and gaps between students and future employees with higher education and employers.


Location: Constanta, Romania

Date: 21 June 2023

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