BeBlue Seminar for Career Planning, Romania, September 2022

On 16 September 2022, TEAM4Excellence promoted the Blue Career Map to VET students from the Marina High School of Constanta. We handed out flyers about the BeBlue Erasmus+ project from where learners could access the Blue Career Map and the BeBlue Training Course.

VET students learned more about the career opportunities in the blue economy and relevant information to help them make an informed decision (salary, typical hours, qualification, experience, apprenticeship, skills, tasks, responsibilities) found in the job cards of over 100 blue professions. Nicoleta Acomi, pro-dean of the Maritime University of Constanta guided them towards understanding the possibilities offered by each sector of the blue economy. The participants learnt about the career paths, cross-sectoral options and how to get those jobs according to their level of training and skills. They were also encouraged to use the results of the project and gain more knowledge about the maritime field in order to integrate into the labour market later on.

They are now able to use the application, to make better career decisions, to improve their employability in the blue economy and also improve their capability to switch across blue economy sectors.

Location: Constanta, Romania

Date: 16th September 2022

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