Volunteer in Constanta

A team of 6 international volunteers are participating to activities in Constanta from October 2019 to March 2020.


The topics addressed by our project are:

Tolerance for other cultures, nationalities or religions
Democratic participation
Skills development
Increase motivation, interest and civic engagement
Professional development

Project summary

“Be your own leader” aims at enhancing an open-mind community that value the critical thinking skills and support social activities, taking advantages of the European cooperation and with the support of volunteers’ activities. Therefore, the specific objectives were:

Developing the critical thinking skills of youth from Constanta.
Increase the awareness on the advantages of critical thinking of relevant community stakeholders form Constanta.
Improve the skills and competencies of volunteers to offer high quality solidarity activities to young people.

“Problem solving”- OurActivities.
“Problem solving” - OurActivities
“Problem solving” 4 - OurActivities.

Project Results

Develop youth critical thinking skills (enhance observation, analysis, reflection, evaluation, problem solving and decision making).
Create engagement of local stakeholders to support solidarity activities to improve the critical thinking skills of youth.
Develop volunteers’ skills and competencies.
In conclusion, the project aims to “enhance the engagement of volunteers and coordinating organization in accessible and high quality solidarity activities”.

Project: Be your own leader



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