BE smART! Training for youth workers successfully implemented

In few numbers:

  • 24 satisfied participants.
  • 11 empowered partners.
  • 9 European countries.
  • 5 creative methods.

The training “BE SmART!” was implemented in Slovenia, in August 2021 with 24 participants from 9 countries (Spain, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Latvia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, two organizations from Lithuania and Slovenia).

One of the purposes of training “BE smART!” was to show and to train youth workers, pedagogical workers and youth leaders to use art methods in working with young people and thus influence their development and consequently the development of the society. The project was dedicated to the development and strengthening of visual – spatial or. imaginative – creative intelligence with the help of 5 techniques and methods from art (drawing, painting, collage, architecture and sculpture).

The human mind is made up of different intelligences. According to H. Gardner, these are linguistic, mathematical-logical, visual-spatial, musical, interpersonal, internal personal, as a sense of nature and existential center. With the project, we wanted to raise awareness of multi-intelligence and put the young person at the forefront, adapt methods and ways of working to their needs, strengthen their weaker intelligences and support the development of their strong intelligences.

Read more about Cristi’s experience:

“This training taught us more than creating art, understanding art and appreciating it, we learned a new way of thinking about beauty, about human work and methods of self-knowledge. Art represents, it is a method by which you can transpose your feelings, moods, emotions but most importantly the love for nature and everything around you, a method by which you manage to detach yourself from reality, thus letting your body transpose everything represents you in a work of art.

From our perspectives, this project managed to reach the most important techniques and methods in art, in a very short time, which is due to the coordinators whom we thank very much for this experience and to whom we convey that we started to share with other people what we learned. 

BE smART! training… or in other words, AWESOME! Awesome people, awesome experience, awesome activities, awesome views, awesome memories and so on… A big THANK YOU for each one of the following amazing trainers who made everything possible: Katarina Nučič, Rada Drnovšek, Manja Koren Kodele, Vesna Lenić Kreže.”     

Location: PRVINE, ZAGORJE OB SAVI, Slovenia

Date: 20th of August to 25th 2021

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