Erasmus training course
Name: BE smART!

Topics: Art

Duration: 20/08/2021 – 25/08/2021

Location: PRVINE, ZAGORJE OB SAVI, Slovenia

Deadline: 7/07/2021

Description of the Project:

BE smART! is a training for youth workers, which is dedicated to the development and strengthening of visual-spatial or imaginative-creative intelligence with the help of 5 techniques and methods from art (drawing, painting, collage, architecture and sculpture) for young people that we work with or we get in touch. The training will include 13 partners from 12 countries (Spain, Romania, Greece, Italy, Northern Macedonia, Turkey, Portugal, Latvia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Slovakia, two organizations from Lithuania, and Slovenia).

Profile of the participants:

– All participants have to be over 18 years old and have residency in the sending country;
– All participants should speak and understand English;
– Participants should already be involved in youth work or be motivated to get involved with it;
– Participants should be interested in delivering follow-up activities.

With the project, we aim to raise awareness of multi-intelligence and put the young person at the forefront, adapt methods and ways of working to their needs, strengthen their weaker intelligences and support the development of their strong intelligences.

You can read more about the project here.

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