Agigea Day Center, Summer 2021

During the summer 2021, we are going once a week at Agigea Day Center to spend the day with the children there and do activities with them. Our activities are very diverse, and include brain games like Simon Says or Strike a Pose; physical games such as Duck, Duck, Goose or limbo; and creative activities such as origami or mikado. We try to develop their skills through the activities, such as team work, attention, or patience. The activities are also the opportunity for children to develop their digital citizenship skills through the use of online tools to do activities. Thus, they are learning how to use online tools while staying safe, respecting others and developing their creativity.

It is sometimes challenging to do activities that satisfy all children, as they are of different ages and all have different personalities and interests. They can also get bored quickly of a game, so we need to come with many different ideas ready to fit their wants. It is also sometimes hard to communicate with them because they do not know much English and we do not know a lot of Romanian. Thankfully we have the help of someone speaking both languages!

Overall, it is an enriching experience for all of us. The children are exposed to new cultures and develop competences. For us volunteers, it is a great opportunity to learn more about Romania’s people and language and develop new skills in non-formal education and group management.

Location: Agigea, Romania
Date: 1st of July 2021

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