AGE training for young adults in Spain, Romania and Poland, April-May 2023

Between April and May, AGE project partners Fundacja Autokreacja and Stowarzyszenie Szukamy Polski from Poland, TEAM4Excellence from Romania, Fundación Rondilla and Asociación Deses-3 from Spain, implemented the original training course that in the previous months of the project have designed and developed together with the University of Cyprus.

We have set to publish in August a comprehensive 6-module training targeting adult educators in all project languages (Spanish, Greek, Polish, Romanian). This training draws on the AGE project’s expertise in senior learning and digital videomaking, aimed at producing amateur videos featuring seniors as the focal point. These videos stem from intergenerational gatherings between local seniors and the young participants who participated in the AGE training.

More in detail, the young trainees prepared to meet seniors, acknowledging their learning needs, based on physical and cognitive boundaries, and fitting their shoes to empathize with them, and better know how to approach an adult person with patience and active listening. Moreover, the training focus on digital learning and how to make it understood by an elderly audience, which is a great challenge if considering their non-digital-nativity.


Location: Poland, Romania, Spain
Date: April-May 2023

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