Mrs. Joanna's digital training experience with Autokreacja, July 2023, Poland

In today’s digital world, the ability to use modern technology such as smartphones is becoming increasingly important. That’s why I was very interested to take part in an intergenerational workshop on video recording with a mobile phone, aimed specifically at senior citizens. I wanted to learn how to record and edit videos with my smartphone and how to share my videos with family and friends.

My first impression of this workshop was the warm welcome from the organisers. The trainers (young adults) were patient and well organised, which made me feel at ease straight away. The workshop started with the basics, getting to know my smartphone – its functions and settings. I was surprised at how much potential was hidden in my phone that I had no idea about before.

The next step was to learn basic photography techniques. The instructors showed us how to hold the phone to avoid hand tremors and get a stable image. We also learned how to light the scene well to get clear and bright videos. We found these practical tips very useful.

We then moved on to film editing. Workshop participants learned how to use simple editing software available on smartphones. This allowed us to trim, combine and add effects to our footage. This was a fascinating part of the workshop for me as I learnt about the possibilities that my phone has for making videos.

The last part of the workshop was about sharing our videos with others. The trainers showed us how to share the videos on social media, email or on video sharing sites. This helped me feel more confident about using my smartphone as a tool to communicate with family and friends.

But what made this workshop different was that it was intergenerational. The seniors were joined by younger family members and friends who helped us understand not only the technical aspects of using our phones, but also modern trends in filmmaking. It was an amazing experience that allowed us to share knowledge and experience across generations.

All in all, the Senior Intergenerational Telephone Video Workshop was not only a valuable lesson in technology for me, but also a great opportunity to learn new skills and build relationships between generations. I can now proudly create and share videos of my life and be more independent with my smartphone. I would recommend a workshop like this to any senior who wants to learn the ins and outs of video recording and experience the magic of collaborative learning with younger generations.

Mrs Joanna, a participant in “The Learning AGE” project (Autokreacja – Poland)

Location: Poland
Date: May-June 2023

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