Launching the videos pilot test phase, September 2023

We are pleased to announce that the pilot tests for the Learning age project are ready to start on 18 September! These run until October 2023.

The pilot tests take place in all partner countries i.e., Spain, Poland, Romania, and Cyprus. Each partner involves 20 people from each country who access the AGE YouTube Channel and the project website to watch the intergenerational videos and share their valuable feedback.

For these pilot tests, the AGE consortium created a YouTube channel, available online from 18th of September, the day the pilots start. The videos were created in different languages and include English subtitles.

Are you ready to attend some of the videos? How about a video of cycling across generations? A video of folk traditions or a video of a day at the History Museum? Do you like crafts? Well, yes there is a video for crafts too! These are just a few of the videos you can watch. Don’t miss the opportunity!

Each person taking part in the pilot tests answers a questionnaire upon watching the videos. The questionnaires have been translated into Spanish, Polish, Greek and Romanian.

Location: Spain, Romania, Poland, Cyprus 
Date: 18 September 2023

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