100 Careers in the Blue Economy

Representatives from our organisation participated in a meeting organised by Sea Teach S.L., a training organization from Spain. The event is part of the „Career Guidance in Blue Economy” Strategic partnership project, co-funded by Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and implemented by Association TEAM4Excellence from Romania, Sea Teach from Spain and Osmaniye Il Milli Egitim Mudurlugu from Turkey.  

Participants in this meeting were trainers, instructors, teachers, blue professionals and education organizations representatives. They exchanged best practices in career guidance and project ideas for increasing awareness of VET learners about blue career opportunities and for creating cross-sectoral bridges within the blue economy. 

During this one-day activity, participants worked on the definition of blue career paths and reviewed 100 job cards relevant for the sectors of fisheries, aquaculture & processing, coastal & maritime tourism, maritime transport, ports & shipbuilding, marine extraction of oil, gas and minerals, and offshore wind & ocean energy. They set up the steps to develop an online courses for career guidance, adapted to needs of learners and to industry requirements. The online course will be available for free as a MOOC.

This initiative is expected to stimulate cooperation between vocational education and training organizations and blue professionals. As a result of the European cooperation, an online platform will integrate the 100 careers together with skills and qualifications relevant for blue career advancement, to be used by blue VET learners to plan their career in the blue industry. Moreover, being aware of blue industry requirements, the future candidates will be able to make better career decisions, to improve their employability as well as to improve their capability to switch across blue economy sectors.

Location: Mallorca, Spain
Date: 16th of July 2021


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