We practiced the Selfie method on our first day here, with Ovidiu, Nicoleta and Aurel. Thanks to this, we were able to get to know each other in an interesting way.

Then we could learn more thanks to the #Media4you project. It involved a group of 20-25 people and we felt that the motivation of the participants, the non-formal methods used combined with the available time wasn’t a perfect match .

However, we were able to come up with an entire activity for our first experience in a highschool thanks to what we read and saw on youtube (about the non-formal education method). We learned to think about any situation before erecting a non-formal education method thanks to our team work.

Moreover, it seems like students really enjoyed the activity as they were really involved and creative: positive feedback can prove it!

The school is going to put their creations on the library wall so students can be reminded that they can create something in a short workshop if they work together as a team. The idea was to stimulate the group communication and creativity and it seems that it worked!

Let’s see how it’ll go in the upcoming days.