Intimate Responsibility

Intimate Responsibility

Ząb, Poland, 10 – 17.11.2019,

Training course for youth workers and trainers (no age limit) on the topic sex education, prevention of risky behaviors.

  • No of participants from Romania: 3
  • Partners countries: Germany, Romania, Portugal, Slovakia, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria and Poland.

Project title: Intimate Responsibility -support for pro-health behaviors of young people

The 6-day Training Course aims at preventing risky sexual behavior and health promotion. Joint training is aimed at improving the skills of professionals working with youth (pedagogues, psychologists, social workers) in the field of sex education, how to provide reliable information to young people about their sexuality and prevention of inappropriate attitudes and behaviors.

Mobility type

“Training course for youth workers” on the topic: sex education, prevention of risky behaviors.

Applications are now closed.

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Hosting organization

Fundacja po DRUGIE, Poland

ID: 2019-2-PL02-KA105