At the first night the wonderful Germans made a quiz. They drink 7,5 Million liter beer at the Oktoberfest. Ok.

The “funny” Italians were singing Bella Ciao with everyone. Luckily only once. Their dance was okayish. Then the beautiful greek did Sirtaki
dance. It was way better than the one of Italy. Slovakian teamleader drank all of his 70% alcohol alone. The last one: Romanian Palinka. Afterwards we were drunk and tried to stand still. People thought it was a romanian dance.

Second day the Croatian presentation was well prepared and they brought a lot of national stuff. Bulgaria daway daway. And Lithuanians obviously dance acapella. Interesting culture. At the third day someone mixed Ivar with Smoki. Maybe because of serbian rakia. And best comes the last. The Turkish beverages were alcoholic. Thank you.