Reduce – reuse – recycle

Youth Exchange

The youth exchange is scheduled between 02-09.12.2019 in Kaunas, Lithuania. The course will bring together 35 youth from Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, Croatia, Slovak Republic.


Project will be mainly based on reduce-reuse-recycle method and will seek to encourage 35 young participants (+5 group leaders) and local society members to REDUCE amount of waste they produce; to REUSE things they have already bought and to RECYCLE the waste which they want to throw away by organizing a youth exchange.


Project summary

Unrecycled waste is one of the key problems of our environment. Plastic and other kind of waste pollutes our earth, water and air which also contributes to climate change. European Commission has announced that 70% of waste which is found in oceans and beaches consists of one-time plastic products. What is more, in October 2018 EC first time announced that plastic has already entered human’s nutrition chain.


O1: To raise awareness about consequences of unsorted waste and importance of recycling for 35 young participants and their local communities by the end of the project.

O2: To introduce reduce-reuse-recycle method to 35 young participants and their local communities by the end of the project.

O3: To encourage 35 young participants and their local communities to take direct action and responsibly recycle waste by the end of the project.


Exchange programme will include (in addition to typical youth exchange activities):

-analyzing daily habits and usage of plastic of participants in everyday life

-presentation about different types of plastic and their damage for environment

– meeting and discussion with representatives of Ministry of Environment Protection of Municipality of Kaunas City

– case analysis about new production policy of plastic straws and other one-time plastic

– practical workshop while participants will be learning how to recycle waste correctly

– creative workshop “how to encourage society to stop justifying themselves why they can’t recycle and just start recycling”

Project: Reduce – reuse – recycle

Applicant: Neribota ateitis

ID: 2019-2-LT02-KA105-006413