Training course: Civic Survival Kit


Name: Civic Survival Kit

Topics: democracy, citizenship

Duration: 24.04 – 1.05.2023

Location: Trnava – Hrnčiarovce, Slovakia

Deadline: If you want to apply fill the form by 16.03.2023

The main privilege of democracy is the right of citizens to participate in decision and policy-making processes, as well as to actively contribute to the improvement and building of the communities in which we live. However, many people, especially young people, are apathetic towards politics, do not vote, are not interested in the events around them, and are not active in their community at all. In addition, young people and the whole society, under the influence of several crises, are increasingly inclined to believe in conspiracy theories and hoaxes, which largely undermine the long-built pillars of democracy in Europe. Growing Euroscepticism, supported by a lack of awareness of the importance and role of the European Union, threatens the stability of the entire EU. Moreover, societies are increasingly polarised. How to fight all this? By improving our knowledge in the field of the importance of active participation at the local, national, and European levels, by understanding democratic values such as freedom, equality, solidarity, or justice and by becoming familiar with various offline and online tools that facilitate democratic political and civic participation of all kinds.

Participants will acquire a wide range of competences corresponding to current trends in the field of civic and political participation. They will:
● understand the concept of participation and its importance for maintaining democracy in Europe;
● familiarise themselves with various online and offline tools that help foster civic and political
● find out why volunteering is important and what different ways there are to get involved in building
and improving our communities;
● get to know the concept of evidence-based participation and appropriate tools;
● discover the concept of (youth) advocacy and the types of campaigns that are the most effective
● gain knowledge about the structures of the EU institutions and opportunities to get involved in the
decision and policy-making process at the European level;
● acquire new competences in the field of media literacies, which is a necessary equipment of every
active citizen;
● raise their awareness of the reasons for the rise of populism, extremism, and radicalization among
young people and ways to tackle them.

Who are we looking for?
3 motivated youth workers, teachers, trainers, facilitators, mentors, coaches, project managers, and different NGO staff aged 18+ with a fluent English level who are interested find out more about the participation and its different concepts, tools, and current trends.

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