Media4You Blog Article – TEAM H

Different team every day is good because we can get to know each other better and have fun with another people.

The intercultural night is the best way to know each other cultures. We liked all this activities that happened during the night. There was tradicional dancing, food and games.

We loved the parties. Everyone had a good time and we were dancing all night, great music, amazing people. We liked the Halloween party the most, everyone had great costumes. We really had the best time, we also played the game just dance.

We had different activities hosted by a different countries every day. One of our favorite was the Serbian activity were we did film and periodic. We were devided into the teams and 3 groups had made film and another groups had journalistic job.

We absolutely loved the city activities. It was not only sight – seeing, we had a journalistic work too we had to ask local people a little about Constanta and get suggestions as to where are the best places to visit. We heard interesting stories from them.