Reduce – reuse – recycle

Reduce – reuse – recycle

Kaunas, Lithuania, 29.02-08.03.2020

Mobility for youth (18-30 years) on the environmental protection topic.

  • No of participants from Romania: 8
  • Partners countries: Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, Croatia, Slovak Republic

Project title: Reduce – reuse – recycle

Unrecycled waste is one of the key problems of our environment. Plastic and other kind of waste pollutes our earth, water and air which also contributes to climate change. European Commission has announced that 70% of waste which is found in oceans and beaches consists of one-time plastic products. What is more, in October 2018 EC first time announced that plastic has already entered human’s nutrition chain.

Mobility type

“Youth exchange” training on the topic: environmental protection

How to apply

Applications are now closed.

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Hosting organization

Neribota ateitis

ID: 2019-2-LT02-KA105-006413