Be the Change

Be the Change

Slovakia, 15-24.11.2019,

3 youth workers from Romania (no age limit)

Topic: critical thinking

Project title: Be the Change

Working with youth is many times demanding and stressful. While being in stress youth workers tend to fall into their behavioral patterns, prejudices and reactions coming from their personal experience which can bring them into unwanted situations. These include getting too personal; too emotional; offended, irritated and angry by trivial comments; having prejudices coming from their cultural and social background including discrimination of the marginalised groups (LGBT+, rights of women, different religion etc.); prioritising one person from another; feeling that they are not enough, not doing their job properly. If the youth workers fall out of his/her role too often, it can be dangerous.

We found a need coming from the youth workers aiming for staying focused here and now and finding a way how to work with their patterns and habits, use them effectively and stay detached. Through knowing their patterns and how to work with them, youth workers can connect with the youth and be of greater help for both sides. Thanks to this we would like to avoid youth from falling into unwanted situations, enhance their critical thinking and not let them be influenced by different, many times, radical groups.

  • Partners countries: Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, The Republic of North Macedonia

Mobility type

“Training course for youth workers” on the topic: non-formal teaching methodologies.

How to apply

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Hosting organization

A.D.E.L. – Association for Development, Education and Labour

ID: 2019-2-SK02-KA105-002219